Our cats

Not only do we provide the best Savannah cat content around, we also sell Savannah kittens. They are all F4 hybrids meaning they are 4th generation hybrids between the African Serval and domestic cat. We have a few adults that we keep for breeding and we sell the kittens. Check out our kittens in our FOR SALE page. If there are any that you are interested in at any point, be sure to contact us to arrange a viewing.

Here are our adults:

Simba the cat

This is Simba. He is the only male adult we have. You may recognise him from our header image. That is because he is one of our original adults. He is 13 years old now but still full of life as ever. 


Tigger the catThis is Tigger. Despite the name, this is a female and we love her very much. She has given us some of our most beautiful kittens. She is one of our youngest cats at only 5 years old. Just like Simba, she doesn’t let her age dictate how she lives.



ChloeMeet Chloe, she is a 12 year old adult with many years experience mothering behind her. She is definitely our best mum. She is energetic – sometimes too much – but she can be calm and gentle when she needs to.