Cat’s senses – how a cat perceives the world

Cat senses – can cats see in the dark?

Much is said about the cats’ ability to see in the dark, this is largely true, but not entirely. It is true that the cat copes well after dark – his eye needs about 6 times less light than human. What’s even more interesting, the cat sees at night almost as well as on a sunny day – the cat’s eye regulates the amount of light flowing into the retina like a camera.

However, it is not true that the cat sees in total darkness, it is physically impossible. The eye “sees” only because the light reaches it – different animals need it in different quantities, but seeing in complete darkness is impossible. However, this does not change the fact that the cat is still doing very well in total darkness, among others thanks to its whiskers (whiskers), which allow it to avoid obstacles and constitute an excellent receptor.
The second feature that makes it easy for a cat to hunt in the dark is his above-average hearing, which we can only envy him.

Cat’s senses – how does a cat see?

An interesting thing about the cat’s eyes is that cats can see blurry. They perfectly distinguish between silhouettes, so the next time you come back from the rollers and your cat starts to be afraid of you, take off your helmet so that the cat can recognize you.

In contrast to cats, the saying “have eyes on the back of the head” has a new meaning in cats. Like dogs, cats have a very wide field of view; in dogs, it is about 250 degrees and in cats even 285 degrees. In this statistic, a man falls at least weak, because he sees only 180 degrees from the surrounding reality.

Cat’s senses – can the cat see in colors?

The cat definitely sees the color image, although for many years cats were thought not to distinguish colors. Recent studies, however, show that cats distinguish colors, but not all. Cats can distinguish shades of yellow, green or blue, but they can’t cope completely with red. Interestingly, cats cope with shades of gray best. Is it because the mice are gray? 🙂
The cat’s eye is additionally built in such a way that it copes well with motion detection, which makes it much easier for him to hunt. Thanks to this skill, a cat can see, for example, a gray mouse moving in the dark.

Cat’s senses – why a cat’s third eyelid?

The third eyelid protects cats against eye damage and allows the eye to be cleaned of dirt and dust.



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